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 Amount based on new or refinanced mortgages
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Buying a home is the largest single investment you’ll ever make, so it only makes sense to look for a mortgage that can help you reduce your interest costs.

Affordable Home Ownership
Shouldn't your mortgage be customized to your needs? Look here to learn more about how Scotiabank can devise a solution that minimizes your borrowing costs.

Scotiabank’s Mortgage Specialists are dedicated to helping customers realize their home ownership dreams. From buying a home to building one, we have the experience and expertise to pinpoint the perfect solution for you.

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Make applying for your mortgage even easier by preparing everything you need in advance

You can own the home of your dreams sooner. Contact our nearest Scotiabank branch to find out how.

Buying or Building
Money-saving options for both kinds of home ownership.

Thinking of buying or building a home?

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