Credit Protection for Residential Mortgages

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    You want credit protection for your Residential Mortgage

  • Credit Protection for Residential Mortgages not only safeguards your family's mortgage debt, but also protects them from having to change the way they live at a time when they need comfort and stability.

    Give yourself and your family the financial comfort and peace of mind of a paid-off home with Credit Protection for Residential Mortgages. With Credit Protection, the principal and interest remaining on your Mortgage will be paid off, up to the policy maximum so your loved ones aren't burdened by Mortgage payments and can maintain the lifestyle they have now.

    Credit Life Protection can pay off your outstanding Mortgage loan account balance up to the policy maximum if you die. Rest assured that your family will be protected no matter what happens.

    Health Crisis Protection can pay off your outstanding Mortgage account loan balance up to the policy maximum if you are diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, cancer, or suffer the loss of limbs or sight in both eyes due to an accident or illness.

    Premiums are determined by your age, your coverage choices, and your Mortgage loan balance on the date of application. The younger you are, the less you pay.

    Combine Health Crisis Protection with Credit Life Protection and you'll enjoy comprehensive coverage plus a 20% discount on your premiums. If your co-borrower also applies for coverage, you'll enjoy even greater savings.

    A note from the insurers:

    In this section, we have attempted to explain clearly and briefly the coverage available under this plan. Coverage is subject to policy maximums, specific limitations and exclusions, including age restrictions, and pre-existing conditions as described in the Enrolment Form and the Certificate of Insurance, which you will receive upon purchase.

    Insurance is underwritten by Scotia Insurance Caribbean Limited and offered through Scotia Insurance Agent Ltd., agent for Scotia Insurance Caribbean Limited.

    Fees and Terms


    Premiums based on your age and Mortgage loan account balance on date of application.


    The younger you are the less you pay.


    20% discount on premiums when you bundle Health Crisis and Credit Protection.

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