Redemption of your ScotiaPoints.

The AERO™ travel rewards programme was designed with your holidays in mind. 

Your ScotiaPoints take you anywhere within the Caribbean, to Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Europe, North American East and West Coasts, and destinations in Central and South America. Effective September 30th, 2023 redemption of your ScotiaPoints will include a cap on ticket prices. 

Here's how it works:

ScotiaPoints BGI-NYC Cap Balance due
25,000 USD $984.35 USD $565.00 USD $419.35 (+ taxes and processing fees)
ScotiaPoints POS-MIA Cap Balance due
25,000 USD $367.46 USD $565.00 Taxes and processing fees only

Fly within the Caribbean with just 25,000 ScotiaPoints (covers ticket prices up to USD $565)

Visit Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale & New York with 25,000 ScotiaPoints (covers ticket prices up to USD $565)

Catch a flight from the Caribbean to Central and South America with 50,000 ScotiaPoints (covers ticket prices up to USD $1,125)

Travel from the Caribbean to Europe with 70,000 ScotiaPoints (covers ticket prices up to USD $1,575)

Get cash for your ScotiaPoints.

Cash in your ScotiaPoints for a credit applied directly to your card. Convert 10,000 points and you get BBD $200.00 cash back credit that will be applied directly to your credit card to use any way you want. Cash back on your credit card is available for 500 Aero™ points and more.

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