3D Secure credit card feature.

What is 3D Secure credit card feature?

3D Secure is a feature on all Scotiabank credit cards, which protects your card from any fraudulent activity, when making purchases online.

The 3D Secure One Time Password (OTP) allows customers to confirm whether the online transaction is legitimate or not.

How does 3D Secure credit card feature work?


When making an online purchase with Scotiabank your credit card, some merchant websites require a One Time Password (OTP) to authenticate your purchase.


A pop-up screen will appear, which will prompt you to send the OTP to your email address registered on the Bank's system. If you do not have an email address on file, you may call the Contact Centre to notify them of the transaction to be completed.


Once you receive your OTP, you may enter and confirm your transaction. If you enter an incorrect OTP, you may request that the code be sent to your email address again. 

Pop-up screen examples.

Select your email address registered on the Bank's system.

3d secure email

After receiving your OTP/ Verification Code, you may enter.

3d secure purchase authentication
If you entered an incorrect code, you may try again.
3d secure code

Check your email for the new code to enter.

3d secure verification code

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