Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

At Scotiabank, we want you to feel confident that your accounts and identity are well protected. 

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA):
  • MFA is an extra layer of security, which ensures that only you can access your bank accounts
  • MFA is FREE and it is a simple way to help prevent unauthorized account access and identity theft
  • MFA confirms your identity before account access is granted
  • Setup takes approximately five minutes
  • MFA does not replace or change your current card number or password; they will stay the same unless you choose to change them

When you enrol in MFA, you will select five secret Authentication Questions and submit answers to them. When you log in we will check the computer you are using to access our Internet Banking System. MFA remembers which computer you normally use, giving you additional protection against unauthorized individuals logging into your accounts.

For more information on MFA please visit our Security FAQ section for more details.

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