Wire Payments

Wire money securely & conveniently around the world.


Sending secure wire payments across the globe has never been easier. With Scotiabank’s Wire Payments service, you can initiate wire payments quickly and conveniently online from your computer.

Whether your business sends a few or a few hundred wire payments a month, this service ensures that Scotiabank receives your online payment instructions safely and securely. In addition, Scotiabank’s extensive branch presence and network of banking partners around the world means that your payments are received and actioned promptly.

With the Wire Payments service, you can be confident that your time-sensitive international payments will be issued accurately, promptly and securely to anywhere in the world.

Right for your organization if:

Make frequent international payments
Make high-value or time-sensitive international payments
Require a concentration of funds from international operations

Benefits you can bank on

Incoming wire transfer routing instructions.

Expecting a wire transfer? Here’s what you need to know. 

Start here, Incoming wire transfer routing instructions.

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