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Barbados Deposit Insurance Corporation (BDIC)

Deposits in Barbados are insured. The insurance covers up to BBD$25,000 per depositor, per bank, per ownership category. Some of the more common ownership categories are: (1) individual (2) joint (3) trust. For more information please visit: bdic.org.bb

Chequing Account
for business

  • Detailed banking statements
  • Access to many Scotiabank products and services
  • Access to ATMs and Internet banking
  • Free cheques

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Savings Account
for business

  • Easy access to your cash
  • Competitive interest rates with a minimum opening balance
  • Free banking statements quarterly
  • Access to ATMs and Internet banking

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Savings and Investing

Our solutions ensure that your surplus funds earn competitive rates of interest

Term Deposits
for business

  • Term Deposits guarantee the safety of your initial investment.
  • Term Deposits give you peace of mind with a guaranteed rate of interest for the term of your investment.
  • Enjoy the potential for higher interest rates when you invest for the longer term.
  • Whether fixed or cashable, short or long term, Term Deposits give you the flexibility to decide what's right for you. A range of currency options is also available.

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