Credit Protection for Scotia MasterCard BusinessCard

Your Scotiabank MasterCard® BusinessCard is designed to help you manage your business expenses easily and conveniently.

However, in the event of your death or if you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness, this convenience could become your family's financial obligation. Credit Protection can prevent this from happening.

Credit Protection pays off your outstanding BusinessCard account balance, relieving your loved ones of added financial pressure at a difficult time.

Plus, if you choose to provide a Scotiabank MasterCard BusinessCard to an employee for company use, then the balance outstanding on that card would also be paid off if you were to die or be diagnosed with a critical illness.

Premiums are based on the outstanding account balance of your previous month's Scotiabank MasterCard BusinessCard statement, plus any outstanding account balance(s) on additional cards issued to your co-owner or employees for company use.

No premium will be charged on a card with a previous month's account balance equal to zero.

A note from the insurers:

In this section, we have attempted to explain clearly and briefly the coverage available under this plan. Coverage is subject to specific limitations and exclusions, including age restrictions, as described in the Enrolment form and the Certificate of Scotiabank MasterCard for Small Business Credit Insurance which you will receive upon purchase. Please refer to the Certificate for details.

Insurance is underwritten by Scotia Insurance Caribbean Limited and offered through Scotia Insurance Agent Ltd., agent for Scotia Insurance Caribbean Limited.

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