Term Deposits

There’s a term deposit that’s right for your business

A Term Deposit is a low-risk investment that offers a competitive rate of interest with the added security of a guaranteed return. With a variety of options to choose from, you can find the Term Deposit that suits your business's needs.

With Scotiabank Term Deposits you enjoy:

Security – With Term Deposits, your initial investment (principal) is protected.

Predictable Returns – Term Deposits give you a guaranteed rate of interest for the term of your investment.

Liquidity – With our range of other deposit products, you'll have the liquidity you need. Terms can be as short as 180 days or up to 5 years.

Fixed Term

  • Guaranteed rate of interest
  • Interest payment annually or at maturity
  • Available terms from 180 days to five years

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Fixed Term - Monthly Income

  • Regular monthly income
  • Higher rate of interest
  • Available terms from one year to five years

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  • Access to your savings anytime (after 31 days)
  • Competitive rate of interest
  • One year term available

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