Loans and Mortgages 

Rates and fees for loans and mortgages. 


Last updated: December 2021.

ScotiaPlan Loan Rates & Fees

A Credit Bureau Report Fee of $20.00 is attached to Scotia Plan Loans, Mortgages, Credit Cards and other revolving facilities.

Application Fee 0.50% of approved loan amount or min $100.00
Late Payment Fee

$30.00 after 10 days of past due
Credit Report Fee 
Extension Fee
1 6/10% of unpaid balance (11% add-on)

One time Pre-Approved/Pre-Qualified Processing Fee - in lieu of Application Fee

>=US$5,000: 1.5% of the loan amount up to a maximum of US$200.00  

<US$5,000: 2.5% of the loan amount up to a maximum of US$100.00

If your Scotia Plan Loan is secured by a vehicle, the Bank will need to register a Bill of Sale with the relevant authorities. The registration fee for a new Bill of Sale is currently $10.00 plus applicable stamp duties. The Bill of Sale is required to be renewed every 5 years until the loan has matured. The registration fee to renew a Bill of Sale is $5.00 plus applicable stamp duties.

Interest Rates – Personal Loan Accounts:
Interest on personal loan accounts other than those secured by real estate are fixed for the duration of the loan. The repayment of interest is included in the monthly installment. For loans secured by real estate, the bank may alter the interest rate within 90 days notice. For loans repaid in advance, the customer is entitled to a rebate of interest. 

All charges are inclusive of Financial Services Tax, unless stated otherwise. Please note that while the Bank makes every effort to keep charges to a minimum, they are subject to review.

Rates and fees are subject to intermittent review. Changes to terms and conditions, interest rates, fees and charges may be highlighted as follows:

  • Notice on website
  • Email 

The information displayed may not include all retail fees and services charges, only those applicable to standard banking transactions.

You may get all information about the fees and service charges listed above or those not covered by calling our Contact Centre at (246) 426-7000 or visiting your nearest Branch.