How-to apply for your FOREX, online.

Let's get started. 

Follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Register now.

Go to FOREX Online and click Register now.

Step 2 - Create a new account.

Enter your email address, username, password, confirm password and then, click Next.

Step 3 - Complete your user profile.

Select your Applicant Type and Residency Status from the drop down. Add your National Identification Number (country of registration), first name, last name, address, email address and telephone number Choose your Preferred Authorized Dealer, select “Bank of Nova Scotia” and click Submit.

Step 4 - Registration successful.

You'll receive a Registration Successful page notification and will be required to verify the email address you used to register.  

You will receive a registration confirmation email. Select "confirm email" and this will take you back to the CBB’s site to Log in.

Step 5- Log in.

Type your username and password, check the "I'm not a robot box" and click Log in.

Step 6 - Apply now.

Click the Apply Now button under FC Form (Not For Imports).  


Step 7 - Select your Financial Institution.

Choose your Authorised Dealer and Authorised Dealer Branch. Then, click Next.



Step 8 - Review your details.

Review and confirm the auto-populated information you provided when you registered and then, click Next.



Step 9 - Add your Beneficiary info.

Include your Beneficiary name and address and then, click Next.



Step 10 - Select your currency details.

Choose your applied currency, add your applied amount and select your exchange contract. Then, click Next.



Step 11 - Choose your purpose of payment.

Select your payment purpose and enter your purpose description. Then, click Next.


Step 12 - Confirm your details.

Review all your details, check the affirmation box and click Submit. After your application has been approved online, you will receive an application number and record number to be used when visiting the bank.

That's it!


Login anytime to review the status of your application.